Poetry by Clutch: Round 1.

“Adolescent Ears”

Poisonous voices,
Persuading insufferable torture
Meaningful choices
Not made by appointed fortunes,
Lies from every chair in respected court rooms
Death from every stare corresponding with doom
Tacit agreements formed through nods, brought to stops, and re-cited by opposite sides
Somehow coming to the conclusion that life is an illusion

“Rain Drops”

Rain drops drumming on glass,
Helping pain start numbing at last,
Praying for the day my emotions begin to fast,
They’re eating me up
I might aswell collapse.
Save some time, my body, the effort.
Destroy my mind, I’m the Devil’s dessert.
Like a puppet I’m at the unforgiving will of his finger tips
I’ve completed his tasks, but my mind cannot relax.
Rain, please keep drumming.


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