Taking a look at Ashbery

I was once told by an old english teacher that the best way to understand poetry was to read about the author. However, with Ashbery this is not the case.  I started reading about Ashbery and learned some basic pieces of information about his life.  He started writing poetry when he was eight years old.  His poems rhymed and made sense; however, that is not the case with his poetry today.  Ashbery’s main goal was to  “to produce a poem that the critic cannot even talk about.” Well, he was successful–he has stumped many, many readers.  His writing style to has lead readers down many unique pathes–some that have collided and others that haven’t.  Many of his poems have endless paths.  Another strikingly different characteristic about Ashbery is that his poems do not usually have a subject and instead they have a feeling.  The way that he delivers his poetry is also unique.  People have described this style as a kind of radio transistor that holds many different voices, genres, and other aspects of langauge.  His poems are not strictly one thing or another.  Moreover, it would be like if you were listening to an FM/AM dial without stopping to tune into any one program for long.  Its a jumble of different notions.   



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