Here is some my own poetry. It cannot compare with Clutch!

“Immersed in Neptune’s Lair”

Left, right, up, down.                                                                                                             

Nowhere to turn, no way to move,

Yet my body’s motion is perpetual.

Like a child’s most vulnerable ragdoll in habitual play.

There is no choice.

My soul engulfed by fear,

My brain swarming with vermin like thoughts,

But what to do?

Eyes sting, vision blurred but my thoughts clear

My throat swollen and stripped of vitality.

Summersaults of the stomach, mind, and body.                                                              

A salty taste, a hostile blow.

Time is frozen, yet the body is surrounded by a different state of matter

Which whirls me in every direction.

Is this the end?

It is unknown.

I am the ocean’s puppet.


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