“Bright Star” by John Keats Analysis

The narrator starts off the poem talking to the star itself.  This star is able to stand all night with eternal beauty and splendor.  This star is always patient.  Keats goes so far in describing the star’s patience that he compare’s nature’s patience to “sleepless Eremite.”  An eremite is a person who has moved into a solitary lifestyle because of religious reasons.  Hermit is often times  synonym for eremite, and they have been used interchangeably for over four hundred years.  However, eremite is most often used in the poet sense to create a specific effect.  

It seems as if Keats envies the star, who has the ability to see the whole world.  The star is able to look at shores of the ocean while simultaneously looking at the snow tipped mountain tips.  The star is larger than life.  It is only human to want that.  Keats is also happy to have his human characteristics and the simpler things.


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